Improv shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talent

Improv shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talent

Improv shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talentImprov shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talentImprov shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talent

QueerProv has a large cast of talented and attractive players. Get to know them here.

MBA | Cassidy | Erica | Charlie | Brendan |  Dave M | Steve | Josh | Avalon | Michael | Jamie S | Michael | Julia  | Joost  

Cast members to be added: Maya | Shane | Jenn | Sarah Dawn | Pearce

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AKA: Michael Barry Anderson.

What's his improv background?

Momentous Comedy / IG

"I’ve done various improv workshops over the last decade and been involved with QueerProv since 2011 as a volunteer and performer."

His passion?

"I love working on films that are dramatic and thought-provoking, singing songs about sexy love, and cutting hair for all individuals."

Cassidy Anhorn


"I love Silence of the Lambs. I even have a tattoo dedicated to it as an ode to my lord and saviour, Clarice Starling aka Jodie Foster."

What's your improv background?

Uncle Janes / IG

"I tried to start an improv team in high school but no one would join it  because I wasn't cool! Laaaame. Now, after completing a few classes with  VTSL, QueerProv has so very graciously taken me under it's beautiful rainbow wing and I've never looked back!"

Her passion?

Stand up comedy and dabbling in sketch comedy.

Erica Bigland


Erica loves making music playlists.

What's your improv background?

Vancouver Theatresports Rookie League

Dirty Little Secrets

Puff the Magic Improv Show

The Fictionals

She started performing improv in a friend's shed in the Yukon. True story!  

Her passion?

Voice acting for animation.

David Borja


David loves cereal.

His passion?

"My sci-fi adventure comic Loaded Save started this year!"

Charlie Cook


Charlie loves reading.

Especially A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers!

What's your improv background?

"I began improvising in high school and truly got bitten by the improv bug in 2011, when I took classes at iO in Chicago. I picked up improv again this year thanks to Blind Tiger's Inclusion and Diversity program!"

What else do they do?

Uncle Janes
Commercial Drag

"I'm an avocado sorter by day, drag thing and stand up comedian by night, a cat father always and generally always want to be at home with a good  book."

Brendan Kelly


He's the sound guy.

Brendan (aka BK) loves Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

What's his improv background?

Vancouver TheatreSports 

Dirty Little Secrets

Random Acts of Comedy

Missed Connections

"I took my first improv class with QueerProv in 2015 after moving to  Vancouver. I’ve been a tech guy for various productions for many years, so naturally when I found I had a knack for improv I merged the 2."

His passion?

"I work as an Audio/Visual tech at Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver as well as a promotions team member at Corus Radio. I like to run marathons and half marathons."

Dave Matte


Dave loves sushi.

What's your improv background?

"Off and on since high school and the early days of the Canadian Improv Games."

What else does he do?

"I develop training programs for TELUS."

Steve Oben


Steve loves his purple slide whistle.

It’s brought a lot of joy over the years.

What's your improv background?

ICI Core series and many workshops/gyms with Vancouver TheatreSports.

Queerprov workshops and performance.

What else does he do?

"Act a little and make art at my studio. By day I am a costume set supervisor in Film/TV."

Avalon Short


Avalon pronounced "Kamloops" as "Cameloops" until she was 20.

What's your improv background?

 I started at Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary when I was 14 and I fell in love. I jumped into every class and show I could, and now I’m in Vancouver with a improv company that celebrates community and good people. I couldn’t be happier. 

What is your ambition?

 I want to be an educator by day and a storyteller by night and bring joy 24/7 


Josh Rimer


Josh loves to travel.

What's your improv background?

"I do a lot of corporate entertainment and host some trivia nights."

What else does he do?

"I host an interstitial show on OUTtv, and have 33K subscribers on my YouTube channel."


The Travel Tidbit

Josh Rimer's Site

Josh's YouTube / IG / TW / FB

Jamie McNiven Smith


Jamie loves self-improvement, comedy, and fatty food.

What's your improv background?

4 years with QueerProv and continuing on with VTSL training in 2019.

His passion?

"I wear a few hats. I am a flight attendant for Air Canada. I am a  certified Life Coach and aspiring voice actor. I just shot my first provincial commercial for FortisBC's renewable energy program and I am hoping to get my mock reality show, The Real Gays of Vancouver picked up by a network this year."

Michael Sousa


Michael is picky about his blues.

"There a specific type of blue that I like, it's something between turquoise and teal, but metallic!"

What's his improv background?

Momentous Comedy / IG

Dyck Spacee

Uncle Janes / IG

"I started doing improv to get more performance experience as an actor.  My first class was with the Improv Comedy Institute 4 years ago, and  since then I've also taken classes with Instant Theatre as well as the  QueerProv workshops, which I'm now in their Faculty In Training (FIT)  program. I've also guested with many troupes around the city, including,  but not limited to, The Fictionals, The Radical, and The Dirty Betty's."

His passion?

"I am am actor by trade. You can catch my arm as a blur in a commercial that I was cut out of."

Julia Stretch


Role: Education Director

Julia loves videos where different animal species are friends.

What's her improv background?

"Started it as cross training for stand up as soon as I moved from Calgary to Vancouver. Fell in love with Queerprov."

Her passion?

"Working on a new video script. Education director for QP. Day job is building a careers training or gram and touring it to remote northern communities."

Joost Tijssen


Joost loves Titanic.

We all love Leonardo DiCaprio.

What's your improv background?

 "I started doing improv at Rataplan, the theatre sports group at Tilburg University. That made me realize I really like pop it and changed to study theater at Fontys School of Arts. After that I made my living doing improv with my own company The Impro Company, doing improv and hosting events for businesses. One of the highlights was winning the Dutch National Improv Title with my gay group The Rainbow Warriors."

What else does he do?

"I love hiking and the nature! Less work, more life :-)"


Joost's other company - "Good luck reading Dutch ;-)"

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