Improv shows and workshops from Canada's silliest queer+ talent

All QP staff members are also regular performers. Pretty talented bunch, eh?

Our fearless leaders keep the group inspired, educated, and visible online:
Michael | Julia | David | Brendan | Stephanie | Alex | Cassidy

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Michael Sousa


Role: Artistic Director

"There a specific type of blue that I like, it's something between turquoise and teal, but metallic!"

What's his improv background?

Momentous Comedy / IG

Dyck Spacee

Uncle Janes / IG

"I started doing improv to get more performance experience as an actor.  My first class was with the Improv Comedy Institute 4 years ago, and  since then I've also taken classes with Instant Theatre as well as the  QueerProv workshops, which I'm now in their Faculty In Training (FIT)  program. I've also guested with many troupes around the city, including,  but not limited to, The Fictionals, The Radical, and The Dirty Betty's."

His passion?

"I am am actor by trade. You can catch my arm as a blur in a commercial that I was cut out of."

Julia Stretch


Role: Education Director

Julia loves videos where different animal species are friends.

What's her improv background?

"Started it as cross training for stand up as soon as I moved from Calgary to Vancouver. Fell in love with Queerprov."

Her passion?

"Working on a new video script. Education director for QP. Day job is building a careers training or gram and touring it to remote northern communities."

David Borja


Role: Social Media Director

David loves cereal.

His passion?

"My sci-fi adventure comic Loaded Save started this year!"

Brendan Kelly


Role: Artistic Associate

Brendan (aka BK) loves Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

What's his improv background?

Vancouver TheatreSports 

Dirty Little Secrets

Random Acts of Comedy

Missed Connections

"I took my first improv class with QueerProv in 2015 after moving to  Vancouver. I’ve been a tech guy for various productions for many years, so naturally when I found I had a knack for improv I merged the 2."

His passion?

"I work as an Audio/Visual tech at Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver as well as a promotions team member at Corus Radio. I like to run marathons and half marathons."

Stephanie Webster


Role: Artistic Associate

Stephanie love strong coffee and comfy couches.

What's her improv background?

VTS Rookie League

Momentous Comedy

Uncle Janes / IG 

The Dirty Betty Show

"I made a decision in 2014 to pursue improv comedy and I haven’t looked back! I started with classes, open mic’s, and jams with friends.  

Her passion?

"I love writing and filming sketch comedy and I am currently taking scene  study classes so I can hone my acting chops! I recently worked on  Michelle’s: A Canadian Soap Opera, and various fun projects with  friends. When I am not pursuing all of my fav things, I tree-plant to pay the bills! I am currently writing a comedic something about my  job."

Alex Rowan


Role: Education Associate

Alex loves vegan things that aren't apples. Purple. Harold and Maude. Brie the dog is her real favourite. 

What's her improv background?

"I started doing improv at the Brody Theatre in Portland, Oregon in 2013. I took classes at a bunch of places and eventually wandered into QueerProv and the rest is history."

Other skills?

"I'm an unregistered (aka renegade) social worker. I like crafts and naps."

Cassidy Anhorn


Role: Social Media Associate

"I love Silence of the Lambs. I even have a tattoo dedicated to it as an ode to my lord and saviour, Clarice Starling aka Jodie Foster."

What's her improv background?

Uncle Janes / IG

"I tried to start an improv team in high school but no one would join it  because I wasn't cool! Laaaame. Now, after completing a few classes with  VTSL, QueerProv has so very graciously taken me under it's beautiful rainbow wing and I've never looked back!"

Her passion?

Stand up comedy and dabbling in sketch comedy.

The Queer Improv Society (QIS) is our non-profit title. The following people keep things moving smoothly when they're not on-stage themselves: Dan | Jamie | Aamir | Robert

Dan Dumsha


Role: President

Dan loves his dog Kai... and also his husband.

What's his improv background?

Vancouver TheatreSports  

Momentous Comedy

"I started performing improv in my elementary school drama club - been  doing it ever since. Trained with QueerProv and the VTSL Rookie League  and at the UCB Theatre and Annoyance Theatre in New York City."

Other skills?

Corporate leadership coach with The Humphrey Group

Certified teacher

Jamie Chrest


Role: Vice President

Jamie loves the smell of campfire in hair. 

What's her improv background?

Vancouver TheatreSports  

Momentous Comedy

Fictionals Comedy Co

"Improv is a magical way to keep my fear of commitment alive and well. No  lines to memorize, no permanence. Pure moments. So, in fact, improv is a major commitment of mine. I have put more years into improv than anything else really; it is a true love of my life."

Her passion?

"I am a Production Designer on films in Vancity, winning a Leo Award in  2018 for a short drama. I love to build spaces, bringing my design and  character sense together. I also own a dog care company!"

Aamir Khan


Role: Treasurer

Food: Samosa

Colour: Orange

Band: Everything But the Girl

Book:  Ice-Candy Man

Film: Star Wars

Spirit "Personality": Princess Leia 

What's his improv background?

VTS Rookie League

Dirty Little Secrets

Mission Imrpovable UMass Amherst, MA (USA) (1994 -1998). Joined the Cast of Tops & Bottoms in 2010 and has been a part of  that ensemble in its current (re)incarnation: QueerProv. 3rd season with Vancouver Theatre Sports's Rookie League Quad Comedy Players Ensemble in 2018​ Producer  and Host of QueerProv : Challenge since inception 2017 Trained with VTSL ICI Series, ICI Intensives, Instant Theatre, IO Chicago, Musical Improv with Jennifer Pielak and Peter Abando, Vancouver Queer Improv Qmmunity Workshops.

Other skills?

"Sell towels and linens to hotels by day - binge watch Netflix and Amazon  by Night - (un)official Bollywood Expert - Jedi in the Streets- Sith in the Sheets - would love to produce my own Bollywood inspired Improv  Show - teach improv."

Robert Mackie


Role: Secretary

Robert loves scarves.

What's his improv background?

In Vancouver - Vancouver Theatre Sports, Blind Tiger Comedy, Instant Theatre and Second City. Training in other cities such as San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Portland.

Other skills?

Training, Learning, Facilitation, Co-Hosting OutLook TV, Mentorship

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